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Fund Name Description
Agency Fund
Library and Literacy Foundation
Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame Jester Fund
Nance Strong
Stockton Animal Shelter
Field of Interest
Ripon Community Fund
San Joaquin Emergency Response Fund The Fund is intended to be responsive to the changing, long-term needs of our community, with an immediate focus on supporting nonprofit organizations serving the most vulnerable populations and to provide financial assistance to individuals and families most directly impacted by COVID-19.
Stockton Service Corps.
Fiscal Sponsors
BHAG Book Fund The BHAG Book Fund envisions the young people of Stockton becoming passionate, lifelong readers. To that end, we envision the young people of our community having easy access to books that align directly with their interests and aspirations, books that build a hunger to read more. A "BHAG" is a Big, Hairy Audacious Goal. In their book "Built to Last," Jim Collins and Jerry Porras define a BHAG as a goal that, "is clear and compelling and serves as a unifying focal point of effort - often creating immense team spirit." The BHAG Book Fund envisions adults from across Stockton and from across the country rallying in support of the vision above. Too many Stockton youth find reading tiresome or frustratingly difficult. Too few of our local schools have libraries with the books that students are eager to open. Together, we will raise the funds necessary to provide Stockton students with the books that light their unique fire for learning. Every penny that you contribute will go directly towards the purchase of great books for our young people.
Educators Thriving
Stockton Children's Fund The Stockton Children’s Fund was established by Brandin Cooks—native Stocktonian and wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams—and will serve as a philanthropic fund that can serve the immediate and longer-term needs of children and youth in the City of Stockton. The Fund’s immediate focus will be to help mitigate the disruptive effects caused by the COVID-19 health crisis related to food insecurity, childcare services for essential workers, and education challenges resulting from school closures.
Stockton Strong COVID-19 Response Fund
Borra Family Scholarship Fund
Gribaudo, Ernest and Victoria Family Fund
Jesters Club
Community Foundation of San Joaquin General Fund
Other Funds