Donate to any of these funds online. If you have questions about the Community Foundation of San Joaquin or the Lodi Community Foundation, contact Louis Ponick at (209) 943-2375 or by email If you have questions about the Three Valleys Community Foundation, contact Nelson Fialho by email at

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name   Description
Field of Interest
Lodi Community Foundation Fund Donate To support charitable purposes and causes within the Lodi Community, and support the mission of the Lodi Community Foundation in accomplishing the philanthropic goals of the Lodi Community.
Agency Endowed
Lodi Community Foundation Endowment Fund Donate To support the mission of the Lodi Community Foundation in accomplishing the philanthropic goals of the Lodi Community.
All Veterans Plaza Fund Donate To fund maintenance and repairs and replacement of the Lodi Area ALL Veterans Plaza and monument.
Directions Medical Clinic & Pregnancy Resource Center Endowment Donate To support the long-term sustainability for the organization.
Hospice of San Joaquin Endowment Fund for the Benefit of Lodi Area Residents Donate To fund compassionate medical care, counseling and bereavement support to terminally ill Lodi area patients and their families.
Hutchins Street Square Foundation Endowment Fund Donate To meet the needs of Hutchins Street Square (HSS) as directed by the HSS Foundation Board.
Lodi Adopt-A-Child Endowment Donate Assisting underprivileged youth of the community with opportunities to enjoy life and benefits of being a citizen of this community, including, but not limited to: 1) providing Christmas gifts; 2) sponsoring local youth sports teams as well as sponsoring individual children’s extracurricular activities. This includes paying registration fees as well as equipment costs to provide items such as baseball gloves, musical instruments, and art supplies; and 3) providing scholarships through the Claude Brown Scholarship Program to local high school students pursuing degrees in agricultural and engineering fields.
Lodi Boys & Girls Club Bo Katzakian Charitable Foundation Donate To grow the fund for the benefit of the Lodi Boys & Girls Club.
Lodi Boys & Girls Club Endowment Donate To provide support for the mission and activities of the Lodi Boys & Girls Club.
Lodi Community Concert Association Endowment Fund Donate Bring the performing arts to the people of Lodi.
Lodi House Endowment Fund Donate To provide long-term collection and growth of funds for sustainability of Lodi House and its programs.
Lodi Lions Club Foundation Charitable Fund Donate To support the charitable activities of the Lodi Lions Club Foundation which include: 1) donations to Lions International & District charitable funds and projects approved by those orgs; 2) donations to Lodi area orgs & support for community improvement projects and programs selected by the Board; 3) college scholarships for local area residents; 4) financial support for local individuals with sight & hearing impairments.
Lodi Parks Endowment Fund Donate To provide long-term financial support for maintenance, development, and acquisition of Lodi parks and recreation facilities for families, children, and adults.
Lodi Public Library Foundation Endowment Fund Donate To support the Lodi Public Library.
LOEL Foundation Endowment Fund Donate To provide services and programs to senior citizens in Lodi and surrounding areas.
United Way of San Joaquin County Endowment Fund Donate To support the mission of the United Way of San Joaquin County.
Women's Center of SJC-Phoebe Watt Endowment Donate The Board of Directors of the Women's Center may use the endowment for any purpose consistent with their mission, as long as the money 1) is not used for day to day operations, and 2) is used to benefit victims in Lodi area by providing a service that they otherwise would not have, that empowers them and enables them to be independent and self-sufficient.
World of Wonders Science Museum Endowment Fund Donate To offer hands-on, science-based exhibits and programs to stimulate discovery for all ages.
Agency Fund
Lodi Aquatics Center Donate The Lodi City Swim Club is determined to build a state-of-the-art aquatic center, which will include, but not be limited to, an Olympic-sized 50-meter swimming pool. The aquatic center shall be within or around the City of Lodi and benefit the Lodi Community.
Lodi House Expendable Fund Donate To provide ongoing resources for Lodi House of Lodi, California.
Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation-Healthy Lodi Fund Donate To benefit the mission and operations of the Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation to support the improvement of healthcare in the Greater Lodi area and encourage healthy living for all.
Lodi Parks and Recreation Fund Donate To improve the quality of life in Lodi by assisting in the preservation, maintenance & development of parks and recreation facilities, and to provide financial support to enhance recreational opportunities & activities for residents of all ages.
Joe & Susan Maley Fund of the Lodi Community Foundation Donate For general charitable purposes.
Marilyn M. Storey Donor Advised Fund Donate To donate to local charities.
Ronald & Elise Forbes Donor Advised Fund Donate For making annual donations to local charities.
Sheila Wishek Fund Donate To distribute my assets to charities of my choosing.
St. Anne's Teachers Endowment Donate To promote excellence in the St. Anne's teaching staff.
Field of Interest
Sunshine Trail Endowment Donate For the maintenance and upkeep of the Sunshine Trail at Micke Grove Park. Vegetation purchases, tree trimming, structure repair, and electronics upgrades.